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by hollychild
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New year will come soon !


I'm going to my hometown Wakkanai.Now in still Asahikawa. I'll take a bus to Wakkanai.
I hope Everyone has good time the end of this year and new year(^_-)-☆
by hollychild | 2005-12-31 17:36 | something fun
I got a postcard from my lovely friend miffoh !Thank you for lovely messages.
You made me happy and warm and sweet heart.Did you have a happy time on X'mas?Also if you have such a time you wrote,you will make us so HAPPY !!!!!!It'll be BIG PRESENT for ME!
I wana see your BIG SMILE!
Let's go on my way each other !
See you sooooon!

Yesterday,I've seen another Miho who is shop girl at some shop.
She has a cute smile.
All Miho has cute smile ?

Oh,That was soft and confortable as you said!^^
by hollychild | 2005-12-28 22:44 | favorite

Merry Merry


Merry Merry Christmas!(^_-)-☆
to YOU!

by holychild
by hollychild | 2005-12-25 14:17 | something fun



Same topic again ☆
One of my favorite movies is "My BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING".
Greek American's Tura'S story was very similar what Kathryn (Greek Canadian)have talked to me before.
That was true story !? I was surprised !I was sorry about Greek woman ,I thought.
But in this movie ,Tura will change!
I think Kathryn's face is very similar to Tura's.
And then,
When I watch this movie ,every time I remind of my friend Kathryn.

★ in Japanese(日本語で)
by hollychild | 2005-12-17 23:38 | favorite

One of my favorite movies is this movie "CHARLIES ANGELS ".
I love Cameron Diaz !Her smile is so cute!
Angels are so cool! I wish I would ....?!

★About story in Japanese ↓
by hollychild | 2005-12-17 23:04 | interesting

I got a email back from N.Z.

Yesterday, I got a email back from Dave in N.Z.
I had a some troubles about sending and recieving a email these days.
I'm relieved to get a email from him.
I'm happy to hear from him.
He said he enjoyed this my web log.
Thank you for writing to ME !

I'll write to him Sooon !
This pic is 3years ago,when I and Kathryn went to N.Z.,we met.
Did I change? Did you change? Just let me know ^^
by hollychild | 2005-12-15 23:16 | diary

I got a Christmas present from my sweet friend Kathryn lives in Canada!
Lovely messages in a card and Canadian rockies Calendar !!!
Beautiful mountains! Thank you ,Kathryn! I like this ~☆☆☆

She had lived in Japan for 4 years.
I and she met in this town .we were getting closer and became friend.
First I couldn't speak English at all.She couldn't also.
We went around in Hokkaido by car .All through the time ,we could speak foreign language .
A good old memories........
The best of memory is travel to N.Z for 2 weeks !
I'll never forget!

I'm so missing her .I'd like to go there.Great hiragana Kathryn chan .

Now I'm still keeping to try to study English.e0083982_2343125.jpg
Now I started again ! (How many times did I say??!! sorry.)
Someday,I hope I talk to you in GREAT ENGLISH !

Anyway ,

with LOVE & HUG & KISS !!!!!!!!!!

by hollychild | 2005-12-15 21:54 | diary


e0083982_0115685.jpge0083982_012861.jpg Today is about SWEETS These are desserts on one wedding.............

On last Sunday,There was the SWEET wedding reception of my dear friend .
She gave me her special SWEET smile!She made me happy and SWEET heart!!
I love her SWEET smile ,because her SWEET smile give me relif.
In SWEET reception,She played a guitar for her SWEET husband.
It's SURPRISED!!!!!!!e0083982_0244682.jpg
As soon as she began to play,I went to him and took a picture of him!
He looks So SWEET and HAPPY!!!!!************************
May be happy and SWEET couple forever !e0083982_17321280.jpg
I'm happy to receive a share of your HAPPY and SWEET!
SWEET SWEET ..... ..SWEET...............♪
by hollychild | 2005-12-13 17:40 | something fun

Christmas illmination


At Odori in Sapporo.
How lovely the Christmas tree looked!
How cold!!!(>_<)
This is TV tower.Beautiful tonight !
by hollychild | 2005-12-12 19:07 | favorite

Snowy today !

Finaly,We have snow today!Oh long time no see! This pics. was at around 8:00 a.m. this morning.Nobody is here!!?? Unbelievable huh? Almost people goes to office by car.Also even children is taken to school by their mom or dad.

By the way,
I really love to walk in the snow~☆ I don't feel cold when I'm walking .
Specially ,I really love earlly winter morning.A little bit dark ,nobody (you know ),cool air etc.I feel great when I breeth deeply.

◇  ◆  ◇
Do you like winter one of 4 seasons ?Please raise your hand if you like also !!!hahaha^^

e0083982_23252951.jpgWell,I made ICE CAKE !!! I'm kidding ! It's snow playing with children first time in this winter .

★In Japanese (日本語で♪)
by hollychild | 2005-12-07 23:04 | diary