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by hollychild
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Pumpkin cinnamon cookies

e0083982_019915.jpge0083982_0192046.jpg I put pumpkin paste and cinnamon into cookis.It's soft and moist type cookies.I used very easy recipe.
by hollychild | 2005-11-29 00:19 | handmade

Happy time


Grahum bagels I made with my friend first time were so Yummy !
Bacon epis were also.

I stayed at my friends house and next morning we had brunch with handmade bread and a cup of soup.After eating,we enjoyed chatting with some cups of coffee for several hours.
by hollychild | 2005-11-26 16:50 | handmade


Now ,I'm in Sapporo for holidays (only 3 days).
The day before yesterday,"Happyoukai" kind of prezentation was held.
I did my best and I'm satisfised with good success.
Then,I' m free!!!So,I'm enjoying my holidays with my some friends.
I went to cafe and had some sweets.

I went to my friends house,I enjoyed chatting ,playing with Sae (friend's daugher) and having more sweets which my friend Yuka made !!!


At night,I cooked Soba.I love Japanese style meal.It's easy,fast .On top of that ,It's so YUMMY !!!!!
by hollychild | 2005-11-22 08:49 | favorite

It's cold !


Fleezing morning.
Icy road.
Be careful not to slip!
by hollychild | 2005-11-18 23:20 | something fun

The Big turnip


On this Sunday,there will be a presentation at my office kind of drama,sing a song,dance .
My class will present a drama "The big turnip".I made a big turnip for drama by myself. e0083982_1481474.jpge0083982_1485541.jpg

Looks YUM??? haha

You know ,this story was born in Rosian.
e0083982_1341695.jpgA mouse tugs a cat and a cat tugs a dog and a dog tugs a granddaughter and a granddaughter tugs a grandmather and a grandmather tugs a grandfather .And then a grandfather tugs the big turnip.Everyone tugs together.Finally the big turnip is tugged.

I was making another something.
by hollychild | 2005-11-16 01:10 | handmade


We started to do curling the league match at town.
Our team won 1 match and lost 2 match.
I hope we wish won on next Monday!
by hollychild | 2005-11-10 15:28 | something fun

Oh my goodness!!!!

In fact,last weekend I was in Sapporo for employment examination.
I have been thinking about my office for several years lately.
About 3 weeks ago,finaly I decided to change my job(place).
And then I started to do something for my near future for me.
I met my friend and talked .Then I met my teacher when I was in college to talk.
At that time ,I found recruitment of teacher of kindergarten in Sapporo.
So I tried.
Sabstance of exam is written test (liberal education ,English and composition) ,play a piano,English conversation and group interview .
In group interview .
And I was demanded of performance unforeseenly.

◆  ◆  ◆
After all,e0083982_1522699.jpg

I passed exam! I got a new job in Sapporo!
Unbelievable !!!!!! Inconceivable !!!!!!!!!

I can't believe to be a teacher also.

Next spring,
I will be in Sapporo for new job.
I feel so exciting!

Thank you for everyting ,everyone helping and supporting me!
by hollychild | 2005-11-09 01:45 | information