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by hollychild
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Today,2006/3/5,Tokoro was lost to town name list in Hokkaido.
From today,we are Kitami city because of Tokoro town merged with Kitami.
The union of the 4 cities into one.We feel sorry a little bit.
And then adress and post number will change .
We must say I live in KItami not Tokoro.
I am confused a little.

Are you there?
Lately I talked with some people in tokoro about you.
We miss you so much!
I guess you miss us and Tokoro town.
by hollychild | 2006-03-05 22:41 | information
I have one more another weblog in Japanese
[healthful and handmade leisure diary] up ♪
Check this out ,please ^^e0083982_211307.jpg
by hollychild | 2006-01-31 20:56 | information

Oh my goodness!!!!

In fact,last weekend I was in Sapporo for employment examination.
I have been thinking about my office for several years lately.
About 3 weeks ago,finaly I decided to change my job(place).
And then I started to do something for my near future for me.
I met my friend and talked .Then I met my teacher when I was in college to talk.
At that time ,I found recruitment of teacher of kindergarten in Sapporo.
So I tried.
Sabstance of exam is written test (liberal education ,English and composition) ,play a piano,English conversation and group interview .
In group interview .
And I was demanded of performance unforeseenly.

◆  ◆  ◆
After all,e0083982_1522699.jpg

I passed exam! I got a new job in Sapporo!
Unbelievable !!!!!! Inconceivable !!!!!!!!!

I can't believe to be a teacher also.

Next spring,
I will be in Sapporo for new job.
I feel so exciting!

Thank you for everyting ,everyone helping and supporting me!
by hollychild | 2005-11-09 01:45 | information
,so busy!!!!Because why,I will stop writing this web log for a while .May be for 1 week.
I'll be back sooooooon!!!! I hope so.
by hollychild | 2005-10-26 19:23 | information