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by hollychild
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Today's dinner


Today's menu was
lotaus root and tofu humburg with fry lotaus root and okra.
natto(fermented soybeans) miso soup with mushroom and okra
brown(unpolished) rice with umeboshi , sesame and salt.
Old Japanese style meal.
by hollychild | 2006-02-14 00:43 | handmade

Pumpkin cinnamon cookies

e0083982_019915.jpge0083982_0192046.jpg I put pumpkin paste and cinnamon into cookis.It's soft and moist type cookies.I used very easy recipe.
by hollychild | 2005-11-29 00:19 | handmade

Happy time


Grahum bagels I made with my friend first time were so Yummy !
Bacon epis were also.

I stayed at my friends house and next morning we had brunch with handmade bread and a cup of soup.After eating,we enjoyed chatting with some cups of coffee for several hours.
by hollychild | 2005-11-26 16:50 | handmade

The Big turnip


On this Sunday,there will be a presentation at my office kind of drama,sing a song,dance .
My class will present a drama "The big turnip".I made a big turnip for drama by myself. e0083982_1481474.jpge0083982_1485541.jpg

Looks YUM??? haha

You know ,this story was born in Rosian.
e0083982_1341695.jpgA mouse tugs a cat and a cat tugs a dog and a dog tugs a granddaughter and a granddaughter tugs a grandmather and a grandmather tugs a grandfather .And then a grandfather tugs the big turnip.Everyone tugs together.Finally the big turnip is tugged.

I was making another something.
by hollychild | 2005-11-16 01:10 | handmade

pumpkin agar sweets


Recently,my favorite handmade sweets is like a jerry made from agar.
Agar is like a vegetable gelatin.
I use this one.Low calorie and lots of dietary fivers.
Today ,I made pumpkin agar sweets.
Put on sweet boiled beans.
I always use non whitening sugar.This time I use millet sugar.
Natural sweet.So yum.
I LOVE handmade,easy and fast making and natural .
by hollychild | 2005-10-07 18:46 | handmade

Today's lunch box


*brown rice with small beans
*saute carrots with sesame oil topping white sesame
*boiled okura & kind of mushroom with dressing
*boiled eggplant with white sesame
*mashed pumpkins with mayonnaise & beans
*dry fig

How to make saute carrots
by hollychild | 2005-10-03 11:50 | handmade

corn and bacon graham bread

I made Graham bread with fresh corn and choped and toasted bacon.These are Soft and Corn is nice crisp.
It's the bread in season.I give a share of them to my friend.
by hollychild | 2005-09-27 18:15 | handmade