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by hollychild
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カテゴリ:something fun( 15 )


by hollychild | 2006-06-21 19:45 | something fun

e0083982_21555965.jpgOn sunny Sunday,I had fun time wih my friends on the Saroma Lake.I drove Snow mobile .about for 40 minutes.

He is a instructor for snow mobile during winter.He has a shop of bicycle.I've met him 8 years ago in this town.He is like a father for me.He is funny and kind.I like him so much! Though I'll almost leave here,I never forget him .He told me that he hoped me to come here for drive and enjoy in every winter again!I was so nice to live here.
I found lot's of treasure of my life in TOKORO town.

in Japanese
by hollychild | 2006-02-26 15:41 | something fun



I went sking to Mebiusu near Tokoro with my friend Andy who is from England.e0083982_15473915.jpgHe is an assistant language teacher of my town.

I felt refreshment of mind and body !

★Andy's photo album is HERE
by hollychild | 2006-02-20 18:41 | something fun



Today,I went sking to Nukabira middle of Hokkaido in this season first time with my friends.I was so happy and feeling good tired.I'd like to go again!
Unfortunally,I've met my friend Irichan in college.
He looked fine though he told me he was hard work.I was glad to see him.
by hollychild | 2006-02-05 01:04 | something fun
Recently,I play outside almost every day.
Me and children made "Snow man".This is so Cute ,isn't it?
We played with Big sled !e0083982_2258274.jpg
This one makes us excited!!!Fast fast !
On top of that ,We can feel fun of same each other!
These days ,it's getting colder day and day.Because ICE FLOTES(drift ice) are getting cloce in Ohotuku sea.Febluary is Most cold season here,you know ?
Lately,the rush of my life
*I went to Onsen(hot spa,spring) with my friend.I feel rejuvenated and relax !e0083982_23194086.jpg
*I go to balet a week.
*I had dinner with some friends at Shaberitai. Andy talked to me about his winter holiday .Another day ,I have met American hundsome man.He works at English school in Abashiri. And then he was like a teacher even in private time ,he taught me English.I learned how to use "want".
*I do curling 3days a week.
*I study English.
*I write my weblog.
*I must clean my room.Now here is messy!!!
*I must prepare for move.
*I will go sking this weekend! I really looking forward to go.First time in   this season.
*I want to cook and bake more!!

I geuss "Februaly will be fly! "
by hollychild | 2006-02-02 22:47 | something fun



Have you ever played Mahjong ?
I played mahjong with my friends first time in my life because they asked me to do.They taught me that rules politely.I enjoyed it though it was difficult for me.
by hollychild | 2006-01-12 10:02 | something fun

First SMILE in this year


Dose Fortune come in by a merry gate?
Let's keep on SMILING!
☆ ★ ☆
HELLO Kathryn!
Thank you for your email message.
Finary I got from you(^_-)-☆

I give you my SMILE(^O^)/
by hollychild | 2006-01-06 15:33 | something fun



My motto of this year is
[Fortune comes in by a merry gate.]
Let's keep smiling(^_-)-☆

in Japanese (日本語で♪)
by hollychild | 2006-01-05 15:27 | something fun

New year will come soon !


I'm going to my hometown Wakkanai.Now in still Asahikawa. I'll take a bus to Wakkanai.
I hope Everyone has good time the end of this year and new year(^_-)-☆
by hollychild | 2005-12-31 17:36 | something fun

Merry Merry


Merry Merry Christmas!(^_-)-☆
to YOU!

by holychild
by hollychild | 2005-12-25 14:17 | something fun