Hello ! From JAPAN.How have you been?I'll write about my leisure daily. Free to write what you feel ,after you click

by hollychild
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Dear Tania-chan From crazy girl !

Thank you for waitting for my email back!e0083982_2525595.jpg
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I 've just emailed you!!!
Check it out !
Also you can see here ↓

*This photo was at Taupo in NZ after Bungee Jumping 3years ago.

Tania-Chan!I've been missing you sooooo much!
Thank you for email me.I'm really glad to hear from you.uresisugiru.
Sometimes my album of our great memories in N.Z. reminds me of you.
Here is soooo cold,you know.There is summer,I know ! urayamasii.
But I'm enjoying winter you know,ski,curling,sleigh.
Oh thank you for enjoying with my blog.I'll keep it up!
If you like,leave your comment what you feel easily.


You live in Auckland,don't you?You will be back soon.
I remembered that you were learning NZ sign language after read this email.
You've been keeping studying that?! Wonderful! On top of that,You are the qualified interpreter now!WOW ! Great job !Congratulation ,Tania-Chan!sugoine omedetou yoku ganbattane !
I'm also glad to know that you feel wonderful,exciting ,fulfilling work and love it !

You miss lots of things in Japan.You like shiokara ,don't you ?Also
hotate. I didn't know that !Yes ,please let me know when you buy a ticket to have yummy food !!!! Ooops,don't forget to meet me !!!hahaha.

How is weekend with Dave ? It's great you still have good relationship with him.
I guess and hope you guys are enjoying looking at the photo book with beer.I was wondering it reminded me. Also Say hello to Dave from me ,please.
You have a good question !
Who knows where and when we will all meet again?
I believe we can be all together again !
For example ,How about in Canada??
I just want to say that.because I really wana meet you Tania and Dave
and Kathryn,you know !!!
For someday,I wish I could speak English very well !
I'll start study English again from January.
I always say I want to study,I start to study but not go on.
But I will keep it up this time!

I have my news.
I will move to Sapporo in April.I'm going to quitting my office until the end of March.I took exam another Kindergarten in November and I passed !
I'm sooooo happy.I'll do my best at new place.

So I had fun time to read your email.
Thank you so much !
Let's keep in touch .
Also sometime check my blog out ,please.

Lots of LOVE,
by hollychild | 2006-02-12 02:48