Hello ! From JAPAN.How have you been?I'll write about my leisure daily. Free to write what you feel ,after you click

by hollychild
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Thanks for email me ,Tania chan !!!

e0083982_7364656.jpg Today I got email from my friend Tania chan lives in New Zealand .
It's been TOO LONG !
I am soooooo glad to hear from her.
She seems fine in summer.
I got all what she wrote !
I'll write to her soon!
Hold on second !Tania chan !

Have a great holiday with Dave!
Hello,Tania and Dave !!!
Please leave your comment here ,if you guys check this blog.

Seiko-chan! It is very hard to believe that it is winter in Hokkaido now because it is mid-summer here. I am being eaten alive by mosquitoes and finding it difficult to sleep at nights - too hot. Nothing like Honshuu's summer though ... sonna ni mushi-atsuku nai wa you!

I live in Auckland at the moment but will be moving back to Palmerston North in April. Do you remember that I was learning NZ Sign Language (nippon-go to ieba 'shuwa') when you came to visit? Well, I studied for two years and am now a qualified interpreter! It's wonderful, exciting, fulfililng work - I just love it.

Not sure when I will go to visit Japan again which makes me sad because I REALLY REALLY miss it ... the many groovy people I know, and especially shio-kara, hottate (yes, we can buy them here but never cook them on the barbecue like in Hokkaido) and lots of other yummy food. When I buy a ticket, I will be sure to let you know : )

Dave will be coming to Auckland this weekend (11-13 Feb) so we will look at the photo book you sent me of your trip to NZ with Kathryn and have a beer and laugh about the good times we all had together. Who knows where and when we will all meet again?

I just _love_ your blog - keep it up! I know that it will be a big job for you to read this email all in English but ganbatte ne! I will try and get some Japanese software on my computer soon so that I can send you email in Japanese, okay?

Please email me at this address from now on. Can't wait to hear from you!

With much love and fondness
by hollychild | 2006-02-10 07:36 | favorite