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New York


# by hollychild | 2007-01-28 14:28
Lately I didnt write about my life here though,
finaly my friend asked me to keep write or not.
I was thinking to keep write or not though, now my life is not so rush
I can keep writeing also now I started to be interested in English again!
1 month ago ,I enjoyed cahtting on net with my friend who lives in Canada.
We didn't talk at all since maybe 2003 or 2002??
So It was fantastic time!
I hope we can make it to use Skype.
Now my skills of speaking , listening and writing are getting better.
It's time to study English again!

I m still continueing to listen Englisg every day from favorite DVD.
My favorite is "The Sex and city"
This is so useful to learn English!
I didnt take pictures a lot ,but enjoy them.



# by hollychild | 2007-01-23 02:40

I went to N.Y.

I went to N.Y. from 8th to 13th.
I really enjoyed!!! I experienced a lot .
Also I got confidence to do everything with English by myself!
This was very important things for me.
This was what I expected.
Those were wonderful days!
When I get pis.,I will update.
At Rock feller center

# by hollychild | 2007-01-23 02:10 | diary

Sorry not write about me.

Oops,I need to write about Me !
You know ,I 've really been busy at New office in Sapporo.
My new office name is International Yamanote Kindergarten(IYK) .
It is written right here,my office are called "International"
but Not really.Almost of children are Japanese and speak Jananese.
We have a immersion classes by each grade level.
And I am a Homeroom teacher of Class 1 with foreigner teacher from Korea .
She leaned childeducation in Korean on top of that even in Canada.
She can speaks English well,we are team teaching.
I was hired as a immersion class Homeroom teacher but I realized later though.
You know my English is still not good to write,listen also speak,right?
It is very hard work to do chileren education with English also with Partner .meeting also.It'll take long time before educate.I have to write weekly plan in English and so on.But Not feel bad.I know it means my "Trytry season"
After passsing most hardest season,I will get great English skill ,right?
After 1year ?2year?still now I'm not sure ,But I look forward to be good English Speaker in my future.

That's why ,I 've been having most busiest season from April.
Every day I have many many things to do,I can't finish at work.
But I don't have some energy left after work . And then after dinner ,
I feel sleepy and sleep not realize usually on the sofa.
During April,I usually I got up at around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m..and work.
Because I had a dead line something to do.very short time not enough time.
I made many cards for immersion Class 1 of 3years old.
In May ,Finally Golden week vacation,I got a rest and meet my family and friends.As soon as starting work, I really didn't have my private time.
Not enough energy ,I know I forcussed my work.
I really go to bed early time.About around 8:30.I was not sure,
Though I don't think I go to bed,My eyes will close.
And I get up eally ,usually around 5:oo a.m.
Soon,I work and go to my office around 7:00.~7:30.
I have to get on the bus for children who comes by IYK bus.
When they go home ,also.
Aroun 3:00 p.m. I get on the bus again, and I am back around 4:15 p.m.
Until 5;10p.m. I prepare something and meeting with my partner.Cause she (most foreigner teachers ) go home at office hours.I don't have enough time to talk even have some coffee!!!! Most Japanese teacher works such cragy.
Unbelievable ,Every day I got new job again to write,make etc.
On top of that ,I work 3 days of Saterday a month.I felt I really needing rest! but now getting used to be here.
In May ,I had a opening class! this means Big Event ,like a show!
that's why I prepared for it for3 weeks.It seems like "Happyoukai"?!.
And now in July ,Everyone says most busiest season,because prepare for camping with children for 4days! and write Compitence Report and 3kinds of letteres.

Yesterday,I met my friend who lives in Kitami ,and had good time .
I slept well last night .I got up 10:00 .am. !
I 'll live an easy life and day today.
Thank you for reading,It's too long and seems like not happy story.
But Don't worry,It'll be happy after this season,I hope.
I really reallized that It was very important things me to leave Tokoro.
I've known that it is not easy in society to work and get money.
So I am experiencing of immersion class.But I really don't know what is immersion.Every day still now I am thinking What should I do?

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo SORY not to write for a long time !!!!!!
I will keep writing .
Could you kindly continue to keep in touch with me?

Thank you for reading.

# by hollychild | 2006-07-16 19:50 | diary


# by hollychild | 2006-06-21 19:45 | something fun

Long time no see


# by hollychild | 2006-05-07 22:43 | diary
# by hollychild | 2006-04-17 19:37 | diary

I really pretty busy!!!!!


These days ,I've been busy ! So I'm so sorry not to write about new my office and my life at all!!I really have no time to enjoy my life .
Whole my life now in Sapporo is covered with working time .
So then I can't write any more! I have to work!
I hope I will be able to write all about my life in detail in this weekend.
See you soooooon!
# by hollychild | 2006-04-11 19:58 | diary

I moved Sapporo !


At last,I moved to Sapporo in March 25th.
I was absorbed in making my room for 3days.
And then 3days later ,I went to the post office ,bank,ward office and other place to proceed of my new address.It was hard work for me.
Because driving in Sapporo ie scared to me!

One day of during 1week holiday,my friend Sachie came to my hause and we had italian lunch she made.We took a lovely time though it was short time.She will go to Bulgaria from summer as JICA(Japan International Cooporation Agency).
Sounds wonderful! Go for it and Good luck!

I started working at new office.
I will write about it next Monday!
see you!
# by hollychild | 2006-04-04 19:56 | diary
Today,I got a special email from my friend Kathryn !
You know? today was graduation at my office.
Though her email is kind of BIG surprise or present for me!

Now she is in her vacation.She looks so happy on lake louise Mt.
I'll email her back in April from Sapporo!Keep waiting !

キャサリンも ところのみんなのこと こいしくおもっているって ☆
# by hollychild | 2006-03-17 16:13 | diary
The day is coming soon.The day means leaving day.
Last 10 days.
Tonight,I had a lesson of ballet and after lesson ,me and ballet mate went to restrant for byebye dinner.

e0083982_1465855.jpge0083982_1471364.jpgThey gave me a excellent present! In that bascket,there were many goods for me.They have warm heart and kind .On top of that ,We had wonderful chatting time.Special time.
I'll live in Sapporo though
I hope we keep in touch and meet again someday!

Thank you for everything,everyone!
# by hollychild | 2006-03-15 01:52 | diary

Today,2006/3/5,Tokoro was lost to town name list in Hokkaido.
From today,we are Kitami city because of Tokoro town merged with Kitami.
The union of the 4 cities into one.We feel sorry a little bit.
And then adress and post number will change .
We must say I live in KItami not Tokoro.
I am confused a little.

Are you there?
Lately I talked with some people in tokoro about you.
We miss you so much!
I guess you miss us and Tokoro town.
# by hollychild | 2006-03-05 22:41 | information

e0083982_21555965.jpgOn sunny Sunday,I had fun time wih my friends on the Saroma Lake.I drove Snow mobile .about for 40 minutes.

He is a instructor for snow mobile during winter.He has a shop of bicycle.I've met him 8 years ago in this town.He is like a father for me.He is funny and kind.I like him so much! Though I'll almost leave here,I never forget him .He told me that he hoped me to come here for drive and enjoy in every winter again!I was so nice to live here.
I found lot's of treasure of my life in TOKORO town.

in Japanese
# by hollychild | 2006-02-26 15:41 | something fun



I went sking to Mebiusu near Tokoro with my friend Andy who is from England.e0083982_15473915.jpgHe is an assistant language teacher of my town.

I felt refreshment of mind and body !

★Andy's photo album is HERE
# by hollychild | 2006-02-20 18:41 | something fun


Japanese team won to veteran Canada.
It was defeated at Canada in the Nagano Olympics before.
Therefore, it seems to be very glad.
The friend lives in Calgary in Canada. She lived in Japan for four years.
Perhaps, I think that she also was paying attention to this game. She loves Japan. Is it glad for Japan to win or not ?
# by hollychild | 2006-02-19 02:00 | interesting

Today's dinner


Today's menu was
lotaus root and tofu humburg with fry lotaus root and okra.
natto(fermented soybeans) miso soup with mushroom and okra
brown(unpolished) rice with umeboshi , sesame and salt.
Old Japanese style meal.
# by hollychild | 2006-02-14 00:43 | handmade
Thank you for waitting for my email back!e0083982_2525595.jpg
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I 've just emailed you!!!
Check it out !
Also you can see here ↓

*This photo was at Taupo in NZ after Bungee Jumping 3years ago.

Dear Tania-chan
# by hollychild | 2006-02-12 02:48

I learned how to use AED.

I got a course of "Usual lifesaving" at Fire station for 3 hours.
About Artificial respiration and Cardiac compression.
On top of that,also how to use AED.

At last I got a card of completion.

*In Japanese
# by hollychild | 2006-02-11 00:32 | interesting

White band


White band page is HERE
I'm putting this white band on left wrist since beginning of this year.
I agree it that
"Don't Let It Be: World Poverty".
# by hollychild | 2006-02-11 00:28 | interesting
e0083982_7364656.jpg Today I got email from my friend Tania chan lives in New Zealand .
It's been TOO LONG !
I am soooooo glad to hear from her.
She seems fine in summer.
I got all what she wrote !
I'll write to her soon!
Hold on second !Tania chan !

Have a great holiday with Dave!
Hello,Tania and Dave !!!
Please leave your comment here ,if you guys check this blog.

# by hollychild | 2006-02-10 07:36 | favorite



Today,I went sking to Nukabira middle of Hokkaido in this season first time with my friends.I was so happy and feeling good tired.I'd like to go again!
Unfortunally,I've met my friend Irichan in college.
He looked fine though he told me he was hard work.I was glad to see him.
# by hollychild | 2006-02-05 01:04 | something fun
Recently,I play outside almost every day.
Me and children made "Snow man".This is so Cute ,isn't it?
We played with Big sled !e0083982_2258274.jpg
This one makes us excited!!!Fast fast !
On top of that ,We can feel fun of same each other!
These days ,it's getting colder day and day.Because ICE FLOTES(drift ice) are getting cloce in Ohotuku sea.Febluary is Most cold season here,you know ?
Lately,the rush of my life
*I went to Onsen(hot spa,spring) with my friend.I feel rejuvenated and relax !e0083982_23194086.jpg
*I go to balet a week.
*I had dinner with some friends at Shaberitai. Andy talked to me about his winter holiday .Another day ,I have met American hundsome man.He works at English school in Abashiri. And then he was like a teacher even in private time ,he taught me English.I learned how to use "want".
*I do curling 3days a week.
*I study English.
*I write my weblog.
*I must clean my room.Now here is messy!!!
*I must prepare for move.
*I will go sking this weekend! I really looking forward to go.First time in   this season.
*I want to cook and bake more!!

I geuss "Februaly will be fly! "
# by hollychild | 2006-02-02 22:47 | something fun
I have one more another weblog in Japanese
[healthful and handmade leisure diary] up ♪
Check this out ,please ^^e0083982_211307.jpg
# by hollychild | 2006-01-31 20:56 | information

Study English

I'm keeping on listening to English conversation every day.
Studying is Fun !

Today's English frases.
# by hollychild | 2006-01-23 00:44 | interesting

New friend


My new friend is the "degital audio player :MP-S 200 made by SHARP" to study English conversation.
I need to have skill of lisening English right now.
Then,I bought this one.
This one is very small and handy.
Anytime ,always ,it's posible to study English for me.
I wish I could make a convesation in English easily.

I 'm going to study English hard !!
# by hollychild | 2006-01-16 00:52 | interesting



Have you ever played Mahjong ?
I played mahjong with my friends first time in my life because they asked me to do.They taught me that rules politely.I enjoyed it though it was difficult for me.
# by hollychild | 2006-01-12 10:02 | something fun

First SMILE in this year


Dose Fortune come in by a merry gate?
Let's keep on SMILING!
☆ ★ ☆
HELLO Kathryn!
Thank you for your email message.
Finary I got from you(^_-)-☆

I give you my SMILE(^O^)/
# by hollychild | 2006-01-06 15:33 | something fun



My motto of this year is
[Fortune comes in by a merry gate.]
Let's keep smiling(^_-)-☆

in Japanese (日本語で♪)
# by hollychild | 2006-01-05 15:27 | something fun

New year will come soon !


I'm going to my hometown Wakkanai.Now in still Asahikawa. I'll take a bus to Wakkanai.
I hope Everyone has good time the end of this year and new year(^_-)-☆
# by hollychild | 2005-12-31 17:36 | something fun
I got a postcard from my lovely friend miffoh !Thank you for lovely messages.
You made me happy and warm and sweet heart.Did you have a happy time on X'mas?Also if you have such a time you wrote,you will make us so HAPPY !!!!!!It'll be BIG PRESENT for ME!
I wana see your BIG SMILE!
Let's go on my way each other !
See you sooooon!

Yesterday,I've seen another Miho who is shop girl at some shop.
She has a cute smile.
All Miho has cute smile ?

Oh,That was soft and confortable as you said!^^
# by hollychild | 2005-12-28 22:44 | favorite